3 Tips To Eliminate A Rodent Infestation


Have you been hearing strange sounds coming from within your walls? Have you recently realized that you're not imagining things and that the sounds are likely signs of an infestation of rodents? Dealing with rats or mice that have moved into your home can be a frustrating experience and, due to their size, can be even worse than handling most insect pests. Fortunately, there are some things that can help to shorten the duration of the rodents' stay.

12 December 2017

3 Common Household Pests That Are Far More Harmful Than You Thought


Insect and rodent infestations are far more than a nasty nuisance. Many of the most common household pests can cause you real physical harm in many ways. Here's a look at the dangers to your health that can come with some of the more common pests. 1. Flies Can Do Far More Than Just Annoy You Flies represent one of the most common pests. People swat at them or find other means of dealing with them.

16 November 2017

Tips To Help You Determine If You May Have A Problem With Termites


Termites, even if they do not seem to disturb you much, are a major concern because they can quickly destroy a home. Once the termites take over a home, they eat away at all of the wood that they can find and they rapidly breed. Some people have had their homes condemned because of the unsafe conditions created by an untreated infestation of termites. Therefore, you will want to know the signs that you may have termites in your home so you can quickly have the problem resolved.

21 October 2017

I Didn't Want That Gift: How To Avoid Bed Bugs When Visiting Friends And Family


The holidays will be here before you know it. If you're going to be spending time with friends or relatives, you need to protect yourself against bed bug infestations. It only takes one small bed bug to wreak havoc on your home. The last thing you want is to carry bed bugs home with you. Unfortunately, there's no way to guarantee that the homes you'll be staying in won't have a bed bug problem That's why it's crucial that you take steps to protect yourself.

3 October 2017

3 Vital Reasons To Leave Bat Removal To Professionals


Have you recently discovered that a colony of bats has taken up residence in your attic? Are you planning to get rid of them so that they are no longer living in your home? In addition to creating a noise disturbance, bat droppings can cause a smell that can permeate your home and the belongings within. While it can be tempting to get rid of the bats yourself, there are a number of reasons why you should leave them alone and call in a professional to enact the removal.

15 September 2017

How To Attract Bats To Your Garden


While many people are scared of bats, they are actually extremely beneficial to the health of your yard and garden. This is because bats eat large quantities of insects each night, particularly mosquitos, which can help you maintain low levels of pest populations in your garden and guard against infestations of harmful bugs. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make your garden and yard more attractive for bats to take up residence in:

29 August 2017

Residential Pest Control Tips For Dealing With Nuisance Termites


Purdue University's Department of Entomology reports that termites require both wood and soil to survive, which is why you'll typically find them within structural wood or foundation walls that sit directly up against the soil. Unfortunately, these tiny insects can do a great deal of damage to your home. It is important to regularly monitor your home for termites and implement residential pest control strategies immediately after discovering them. Below are a few tips that will help you deal with these unwanted visitors.

2 August 2017

How To Get Rid Of Spiders The All-Natural Way


At any time of the year, you can have spiders hanging out in the corners of your ceilings, or making webs across the expanse in your lampshades. While it's not difficult to eliminate them by using bug spray or tissues, you might want to keep them from coming into your home to begin with. There are some natural ways to get rid of spiders that can definitely help, and if all else fails, a simple call to the exterminator might be in order.

17 July 2017

4 Tips For Keeping Termites From Invading Your Home's Old Wooden Front Porch


If you have an old wooden porch that was made with untreated wood, you may worry about the risk of a termite infestation. If so, use one or more of the following four tips to help keep termites from invading your front porch. Replace Any Rotten Boards If your front porch has any rotten boards, the first thing you need to do is replace them. When wood becomes rotten, it becomes extremely soft.

21 June 2017

3 Signs Of Bedbug Issues At A Nursing Home Facility


When most people think of bedbugs, they think of hotels and suitcases. However, bedbugs are such a major problem that there is no limit to where these biting critters will show up. They have actually become quite the problem for healthcare settings, including nursing homes. Almost 60 percent of bedbug pest control agents reported treating a nursing home in 2014. If you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home, it is a really good idea to be on the lookout for signs that there are bedbugs in the facility.

11 April 2017