How To Attract Bats To Your Garden


While many people are scared of bats, they are actually extremely beneficial to the health of your yard and garden. This is because bats eat large quantities of insects each night, particularly mosquitos, which can help you maintain low levels of pest populations in your garden and guard against infestations of harmful bugs. Thankfully, there are a few things that you can do to make your garden and yard more attractive for bats to take up residence in:

Water Sources

One of the most important things that you can do to attract bats is to install a bird bath somewhere in your garden. This is because, like all animals, bats require water: however, it's important to note that bird baths also contain a large amount of stagnant water, which will attract the insects in your yard to a centralized location. This means that bird baths become a water fountain and a lunch buffet for bats, encouraging them to congregate in the area around your yard and severely reducing your garden's insect population.

Night Blooming Plants

Besides installing bird baths and other water sources in your garden, you can also make an effort to plant pants which bloom during the nighttime to keep your garden's insects in a central location during the night, making it easier and more attractive for bats to swoop in for a quick and easy meal. Night blooming plants include thyme, honeysuckle, primrose, and jasmine, and should be planted in close proximity to the water sources in your garden to create the greatest concentration of insects at night possible. You can find most of these plants, as well as other night blooming plants, at most garden supply stores – and the upside is that they provide a nice scent in your garden throughout the day as well.

Bat Houses

Besides providing food and water to bats in your garden, you can also provide them with housing to encourage them to become a regular presence. Bat houses are sold at most hardware stores, and you can mount them on the side of a pole or other high standing structure. Be sure to not put bat houses on your home, or any buildings that you use, as these can encourage bats to congregate near your home and perhaps even take up residence in the attic. Additionally, avoid mounting bat houses on trees, as this makes them too easily accessible for other animals and won't attract bats to your garden.

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29 August 2017

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