3 Signs Of Bedbug Issues At A Nursing Home Facility


When most people think of bedbugs, they think of hotels and suitcases. However, bedbugs are such a major problem that there is no limit to where these biting critters will show up. They have actually become quite the problem for healthcare settings, including nursing homes. Almost 60 percent of bedbug pest control agents reported treating a nursing home in 2014. If you have an elderly loved one in a nursing home, it is a really good idea to be on the lookout for signs that there are bedbugs in the facility. Elderly individuals often miss the signs themselves because the bugs are hard to see. Take a look at these three signs that the nursing home where your elderly loved one is cared for is dealing with a major bedbug problem. 

Your elderly loved one is having a hard time sleeping in their bed. 

Bedbugs primarily come out to feed after the lights go out. They are attracted to the body heat of the person in the bed, which lets them know they are in close proximity to a host for feeding. If your elderly loved one starts complaining that they are not getting enough rest at night because they are itching, make sure you take the time to check their bedding, bed, and pillows for signs of bedbugs, such as dark marks or spots on bedding. 

Your family member has inexplicable red welts on their skin. 

Bedbug bites cause different reactions for different people. Some people will hardly experience any itching, while some will be highly susceptible to itching and even swelling and inflammation after being bitten. An elderly individual may be especially vulnerable to the bites. If your family member continuously has welts, red marks, or scratches on their skin without explanation, make sure you investigate further to see if there could be a bedbug problem at the facility. 

There have been other residents with bedbug problems at the nursing home. 

Even though a nursing home will do all they can to contain a bedbug problem, these pests do travel great distances to get to a food source. This means that if one resident has a bedbug problem down the hall, there is a good chance that other residents could also start seeing the pests in their own rooms. Make sure you pay careful attention to any circulating information about bedbug reports in other resident rooms. If there has already been a few reports, stay vigilant about checking your own loved one's room and bed for the pests so you can report the problem. 

To learn more about your pest control options if you do find bedbugs, check out websites like http://www.wasatchbugbusters.com.


11 April 2017

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