3 Tips To Eliminate A Rodent Infestation


Have you been hearing strange sounds coming from within your walls? Have you recently realized that you're not imagining things and that the sounds are likely signs of an infestation of rodents? Dealing with rats or mice that have moved into your home can be a frustrating experience and, due to their size, can be even worse than handling most insect pests. Fortunately, there are some things that can help to shorten the duration of the rodents' stay. Things that you can try include the following ideas:

Repackage your food: Rats and mice can gnaw through almost any food container aside from metal or glass. Repackage anything that comes in plastic bags, boxes, or similar containers in order to cut off the food supply. Food that is difficult to repackage should be kept in a large, air-tight plastic tote. While this will discourage most rodents from attempting to get to your mashed potato flakes, you should still inspect the tote at least weekly, if not daily, for signs that any of the rats or mice have been gnawing on it and attempting to gain access. Also, because rats and mice urinate and defecate indiscriminately while foraging, you should either store your canned goods in a similar tote or else wash them well with warm bleach water before opening for use.

Hire a professional: There is only so much that the average person can do when it comes to getting rid of rodents that have moved into your home. A professional exterminator will have various means and methods available that you either would not have thought about or else wouldn't have access to. A professional exterminator will also have direct experience with other rodents in the area—something that can be extremely useful when trying to get rid of them. For instance, an exterminator might know that local rodents are unlikely to enter a trap with one kind of bait but that they tend to favor a different type of bait entirely.

Close up entrances: With the help of your professional exterminator, go around the outside of your home and seal up any potential entryways that might be used by rodents. While a determined rat or mouse could still chew through metal mesh or foam if it wanted, sealing up these entrances will go a long way to discourage future mice or rats from seeking food or shelter within your home.

For more ideas and help, contact a professional exterminator service in your area, such as Canady's Termite & Pest Control.


12 December 2017

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