3 Vital Reasons To Leave Bat Removal To Professionals


Have you recently discovered that a colony of bats has taken up residence in your attic? Are you planning to get rid of them so that they are no longer living in your home? In addition to creating a noise disturbance, bat droppings can cause a smell that can permeate your home and the belongings within. While it can be tempting to get rid of the bats yourself, there are a number of reasons why you should leave them alone and call in a professional to enact the removal. Some of these reasons include:

Legality: Bats are useful creatures, so long as they're not roosting in your home. They eat mosquitoes and other insect pests. Unfortunately, many of them are also endangered for a variety of reasons. As a result, bat removal has to be handled in the proper way so that the bats themselves are not harmed. Harming an endangered species of bat could result in fines or even jail time. Avoid this possibility by making sure to call in the correct professionals who know the proper procedure for getting rid of bats without falling afoul of the Endangered Species Act.

Diseases:  Living bats can carry a wide variety of diseases, including rabies. In addition, bats are so small that you may not even realize that you've been bitten after handling a bat. As part of the bat removal process, there may be sick or injured bats that need to be manually removed from your attic or crawlspace. If you do this yourself, your safest option would then be to go through the hassle and pain of getting preventative rabies shots. If you do not seek treatment before rabies symptoms appear, death from rabies is a definite possibility. Avoid this entirely by hiring a professional to take care of the removal and relocation of the entire colony.

Cleanup: Once the bats themselves are gone, this doesn't end the potential problems. Bat droppings, or guano, can be host to a number of diseases as well. If you disturb the guano without taking proper precautions, even without living bats being present in the attic or crawlspace, you could contract a disease like histoplasmosis. Properly cleaning out your attic or crawlspace without contaminating the rest of your home can be a tricky proposition. Professionals will have both the correct training and equipment to be able to clean up and to dispose of the bat droppings that have been accumulating in your attic or crawlspace. 


15 September 2017

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