Sugar Ants In Your Home? What Are They And What You Should Do About Them


Sugar ants refer to ants that are attracted to sugary items such as sugars or anything sweet in your pantry. There are a number of ants that can be classified as sugar ants. If you spot them in your pantry, or even in your dirty clothing, in your underwear drawer, or even around your toilet (as you may be releasing sugar from the body, as in those with diabetes), it could be a sign that you have a sugar ant problem.

27 July 2020

How To Know If You Need Pest Control Services For A Problem With Mice


Many people will find, at one time or another, that there is a mouse in their house. Of course, there are things that you can try to do to eliminate the mouse and to prevent any other mice from getting into your home. But you will need to know when all of that is not working well enough and it is time to call for residential pest control services. To help you know when that time is, you will want to take a few moments to reflect upon the following:

7 January 2020