Marauding Mice: How To Keep Mice Out Of Your Home


Mice can become a serious nuisance once they find their way into your home. A family of mice can chew through wires and furniture, and make a mess of your attic and wall insulation. But worse still, mice contaminate food and spread disease. The answer to avoiding the problems that mice cause is to keep them out of your home.

Here are some simple ways that you can keep mice from entering your home. 

Get a cat or dog

Mice avoid larger animals like cats or dogs because they consider them as predators. Even the scent of cats and dogs can deter mice from building nests near or in your home.

Keep your trash bins away from your house

Trash bins are a readymade source of food for mice. If your trash bins attract mice to your property, mice might soon attempt to enter your home to build a nest near their food supply. Place your trash bins at the bottom of your garden or in your shed to keep mice away.

Keep bird feeders away from your house

Mice are excellent climbers and jumpers. Because they are agile, mice can easily reach bird feeders. If you choose to feed birds using bird feeders, place the feeders as far from your home as possible.

Keep fences and walls clear of bushes and objects

Mice don't like to travel out in the open. In the open, they are visible to predators like hawks or owls. Mice tend to travel beside walls and fences when they traverse yards. This provides them with cover. But you can make your yard far less safe for mice by trimming vegetation away from walls and fences. Remove any objects too, such as firewood, which might allow mice to hide while they move through your yard.

Seal holes with wire mesh and caulk

You might be surprised at how many entry points mice can use to gain entry to your home. Mice will use utility lines and pipes, vents, cracks in the foundation, and even gaps in your soffits or fascia. Try to locate and fill or block all entry points into your home.

Hire a pest control service to keep mice away

The surest way to prevent mice from getting into your home is to hire a pest control service to provide efficient and effective mouse control solutions. A good pest control service will use an array of rodent-proofing techniques to keep mice away from your home, such as traps and baits. And a pest control service can find and seal all possible rodent entry points using their experience and knowledge.

If you have noticed an increase in mouse activity around your home, the tips mentioned in this article can help you keep mice out of your home.

Contact local mice pest control services to learn more. 


9 May 2023

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