Eliminating Termites From Your Property


If you recently discovered you have termites invading your personal property, including inside of your home, you want to take fast action in eliminating them. Failing to perform proactive steps in the eradication of termites leads to possible damage to the building materials your structure is made of. Here are actions to take to stop a termite problem.

Contact A Pest Control Service

At the first indication you have a termite problem, contact a pest control service in your area to schedule an evaluation of your property. Make sure to ask the business if they have experience with termite difficulties and what methods they use to remove them. Not all pest control services handle termites, so it is important to find one that deals with this insect specifically. At your evaluation appointment, a professional checks for signs of termites and the locations they are using for nesting. They then use chemical agents to kill off termites in their entirety. When your home is treated, people and pets need another location to wait for the procedure to be completed.

Use Nematodes To Eat Termites In The Ground

Nematodes are small insects that resemble caterpillars. They are purchased through garden shops as a method to remove termites from the soil. Loosen the soil around the perimeter of your home using a pitchfork so nematodes get into the dirt without difficulty. Sprinkle them along the loosened soil and allow them to wriggle their way downward. They eat termites, leading to the destruction of their colonies over time. This process requires the monitoring of the soil for signs of existing termites several days and weeks after application. If you notice termites are still present, simply add more nematodes and allow them to conduct their work.

Use Traps To Remove Termites From Your Property

Termite traps are purchasable from a garden shop or via a pest control service. The traps consist of tubes you push directly into the ground. The top portion of the trap is open. Add bait to this part of the trapping mechanism periodically. Small holes are present in the bottom portion of each trap. Termites crawl into these holes and work their way toward the bait. They then leave the tubes and bring the bait back to their lairs underground. The bait kills off termites over time. You will notice a reduction in the termite population. Be sure to continue the trapping procedure until the bait remains in the tubes, as this indicates the termites are no longer a problem. 

For more information, contact local termite exterminators


17 February 2023

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