5 Professional Wildlife Removal Tips


Wildlife can be very beneficial to the environment, but it can also cause a lot of problems for homeowners when unwanted guests start invading their property or dwelling area. Common wildlife pests that cause damage or pose a threat to homeowners include rodents, bats, destructive bird species, snakes and other reptiles, and large predators such as bears or wolves. The exact species of wildlife that pose a threat, and the approved removal procedures can vary depending on the location. Here are five wildlife removal tips recommended by professional pest control services.  

Be Aware of Local Regulations

Each state has regulations regarding wildlife removal practices. In some cases, animals that are considered pests, such as squirrels or snakes, are protected by local laws and must be handled accordingly. It is important to know what the local regulations are and obtain proper permits and licensing before attempting any DIY wildlife removal techniques.

Identify Points of Entry for Indoor Pests

It is more important to prevent entry than to eliminate any type of pest infestation or intrusion. While eliminating the pests will provide temporary relief if the source of the infestation is not identified, it is likely the pests will return in the future. For indoor spaces, such as a shed, garage, or home, it is essential to find all points of entry and block them off using appropriate materials to prevent future infestation. 

Practice Regular Lawn Maintenance and Landscaping Updates

Landscaping can do more for your home than just make it look good. Regular landscaping maintenance can help prevent wildlife from entering and nesting on the property. For example, cutting low-hanging branches or tall grass makes the area less desirable for common pests.

Remove Food Sources That May Be Inviting Wildlife Into the Space

One of the main reasons pests enter a property is because they are hungry. Removing food sources can help discourage wildlife from invading. Indoors, this means making sure there are no crumbs or dishes left out and that all loose food is secured in sealed containers. Outside the home, this might mean cleaning up loose seeds around bird feeders, covering compost piles, picking up fallen fruit, and avoiding leaving pet food outside unattended. 

Consider Professional Pest Control Services

If the above methods do not solve the problem, it is probably time to call a professional. Pest control services are equipped to handle wildlife removal in accordance with local regulations and provide prevention services to avoid further infestations in the future. In most cases, professionals will not only have advanced knowledge and experience but also high-quality equipment that is not available to homeowners, which can prove more effective in permanent wildlife removal. 

Contact a local pest control service to learn more. 


27 December 2022

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