Telltale Signs That Your House Is Infested By Termites


If you have dealt with a termite issue in your residence, you recognize that these pests are destructive, which is why an infestation should never be ignored. While species may vary, they all target solid wood items, putting your property at risk. For this reason, it is crucial that you identify the presence of the pests early and get rid of them before they spread throughout your residence. So, how can you tell that these critters are in your house? Below are key signs you mustn't disregard if you would like to eliminate the pests for good.

You Cannot Open Windows and Doors

Once these pesky pests get into a home, they start to eat through anything made of wood as they search for cellulose. Some of the things they target are wooden components like doors or window frames. Unfortunately, when they eat at the wood and damage these, the components warp or buckle. This damage will make it hard to open or close the door or window. So, you'll notice that you have to apply more strength, which can damage them further. To resolve this, you may hire a pest control specialist for an inspection.

Electricity Keeps Short-Circuiting

The warmth that emanates from electrical fittings behind a wall is attractive to termites. So, if you have regular short-circuit occurrences, these pests could be causing it. Make certain that you closely inspect the areas surrounding the outlets. If you notice termite soil, you'll know that these creatures are in your home. Do not try to remedy this issue yourself since DIY is likely to be a partial or short-term measure. Instead, call an expert to determine the extent of the infestation before handling the elimination. You will also need to contract an electrician to address the damage to your property.

There Are Cracks in the Walls

While most destruction to walls may look like water damage, sometimes, it is a more complex issue to diagnose and fix. Notably, if the paint on the walls exhibits a bubble-like effect, it may indicate that these tiny pests have eaten away at the inner parts of the timber. This will affect the strength of the walls and may lead to crack formation on the paint or plaster.

You Have Spotted Mud Tubes

Termites usually require specialized shelter when they come up to the surface. Accordingly, they build tubes made of soil or their waste. Whenever you see these tubes on any surface on your property, you should start planning on how to eradicate the termites. The pathways signify that the pests are traveling across that particular area to cause significant damage.

Do not hesitate to consult with termite control experts if you see one or more of these signs. Your property will receive effective termite removal treatment, and the pest control professionals will advise you on preventive measures.

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30 November 2022

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