Where Did Your Bed Bugs Come From?


Bed bugs are tiny pests that can become a big problem for you, and they can become a problem for others as well if you end up spreading them around unknowingly. These pests, as their name suggests, can be found in your bed—but that's not the only place where they can be found. These pests can be anywhere in your home, though they may be most noticeable when they are in your bed. If you have seen that you have bed bugs, you may wonder where they have come from. Read on for helpful information.

From Travel

You may have traveled recently and have had these bed bugs come back with you from the hotel or house where you may have stayed. Bed bugs can travel easily if they get into your luggage or other bags, or even on your clothing or shoes. You may have stayed at someone else's house and had bed bugs travel back with you as well. If you've traveled or stayed anywhere else recently, you should clean everything that comes back with you. Your luggage or bags should be placed into a plastic garbage bag and sealed to kill any bugs that may be on them.

From New Furniture

If you've recently purchased new furniture, bed bugs could have been on the new furniture from a warehouse, or even from a store. Bed bugs can travel on the new furniture and into your home. You should leave your new furniture outside for a day or two and keep an eye out for bugs on the furniture before you bring it into your home. The same goes for used furniture that you have purchased second-hand.

From New Clothing

New clothing, especially clothing that has been purchased online and was shipped to you, could contain bed bugs. You should inspect new clothing before you bring it into your home. Wash all new clothing that was shipped to you in hot water and dried in a hot setting to kill any bugs that may have been on it. Throw away the packaging outside of your home and seal it in a plastic bag.

If you have bed bugs, you may have wondered where they came from. To prevent them, use the information above to help prevent them in your home ever again. Hire a pest control company to help exterminate the bed bugs from your home and prevent these pests from returning.


16 May 2022

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