How To Spot And Repair Termite Damage In Your Home


Some pests are a nuisance, while others actually damage your home and belongings. Termites are one pest that greatly damages the structural integrity of your home.

Even if termites haven't yet caused structural damage, other areas of the home are often affected. These areas include carpeting, furniture, floors, and walls.

To successfully rid your home of these pests, you must understand more about them, including how to spot termite damage.

Signs Of Termite Damage

Water damage and termite damage look similar at first. You may notice swollen floors and ceilings or wood buckling.

To determine the cause of the damage, you have to look closely. Unlike water damage, termite damage leaves markings that look like mazes through wooden surfaces. This includes walls and furniture.

Termite damage may emit an odor that smells like mold or mildew. If you're unsure of the cause of your damage, call a professional in termite services. Professionals are trained to spot the difference.

Termite Damage Timeline

The time it takes termites to destroy your home depends on the number of pests and how long they've been in your home. With a large number of termites, the damage can show in as little as a few months.

A large number of termites can destroy a home's structure within a few years. In many cases, termites cause significant home damage before their presence is known.

Fixes For Termite Damage

It is possible to repair some type of termite damage. However, first, you have to rid your home of the pests by calling a termite service.

Light Termite Damage

When termite damage is light, use wood hardeners to strengthen damaged wood and fill in cracks or gaps. After repairs, use a sealer to protect the wood and suffocate any remaining pests.

Extensive Termite Damage

Tunnels or mazes in the wood are a sign of extensive termite damage. Wood fillers fill those in nicely. Fillers are similar to putty and create a smooth surface when sanded down.

Total Termite Damage

Total damage by termites means replacing the affected wood. When damage gets to this extent, a contractor can help replace areas of wood in walls and floors. However, you can fix furniture on your own by replacing legs or other wood pieces.

Termites can cause a great deal of damage, so it's good to watch for signs of them in your home. Even if you've rid your home of termites and fixed the damage, they can still come back. It's a good idea to consult a termite service for pest control and watch for new cracks in wood during wet months.

Contact a termite service near you for more information. 


23 February 2022

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