Learn How To Keep Ants Away


It can be easier than you may think to find yourself dealing with a serious ant infestation. When you have ants in your yard or your home, you can have an incredible number of them. Some ants can sting, such as fire ants, and the stings can hurt, itch, and cause allergic reactions in some people. When someone accidentally ends up in the middle of ants that sting, it can be a very painful experience. You can learn more about ants by reading more on the subject here.

Ants can be drawn to your yard for a number of reasons

You may not realize it, but your yard may be very attractive to ants. They are drawn to dampness, and they like places where they can build their nets. So, if you have a leaking pipe, then this can bring the ants. Once they are in the yard, they may find an area near the leak where they can build their nest, such as right under the foundation of your home, or even in the dirt. They are also always scouting for food. So, if you leave out pet food, or you have an area you eat in the yard where foods or drinks they are attracted to may have been spilled or dropped, then this can attract them as well. It can just take small crumbs to attract ants. 

Many things in your home can attract ants

The ants will send scouts to look for food sources. If a scout comes into your home and finds things they like, then the rest of the ants can soon follow. Some things they like include access to water, spilled soda or juices, crumbs or residue from sweet foods like jams or cookies, and other sugary types of foods. 

Killing ants the wrong way can cause more to come

You may have heard that killing one ant brings more but thought this to be a silly old wives tale. However, it is actually true. When you kill an ant, it will release pheromones picked up by the other ants in the colony. Those ants will come to retrieve that ant. This is one reason why you are better off calling pest control when you start to notice ants in your yard or home. They know how to get rid of the ants, where you may end up inviting more. 

Seeing ants should be taken as a sign you should have pest control come

When you see ants around your home, or inside it, then you should place a call to a pest control company. They will be able to eradicate the ants for you, so you can enjoy your home and your yard without any more of them bothering you.

For more information on ant control, contact a professional near you.


18 January 2022

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