4 Critical Signs You Need Mice Control Services


Mice are notorious creatures that can wreak havoc in your home. Therefore, you want to eliminate them immediately after you confirm their presence in your home. Before you call the mice control services, it is important to ensure that mice colonies have a residence in your home. The earlier you take action, the easier it gets to eradicate them. Here are some critical signs that you have mice in your home and need mice control services.

1. Droppings

Rodent droppings are probably one of the most apparent signs of a mice infestation in your home. You cannot make excuses for coming across droppings in your home, constantly exposing you, your family, and your pets to health hazards.

If you aren't sure whether the droppings belong to mice, you could choose to inquire for expert opinion. Generally, mice droppings are dark-colored and the size of a rice grain. You find these droppings in hidden areas such as under the tables and will probably spot one mouse near the scene.

2. Bizarre Scratching Noises

Do you hear strange noises behind your walls or in the attic when you sleep at night? You may also hear them squeaking in their hidden havens, especially at night because they are most active during the wee hours. Hire the experts to inspect your home and find out the source of these bizarre noises. The mice could be eating into electrical wiring and house structures, resulting in damages.

3. Visible Gnaw Marks

Mice have teeth and claws that dig into various things in your house. They can gnaw into the wood, food packaging, fabric, furniture, and plastic. Mice leave behind ugly marks that damage your possessions.

If you notice any gnaw marks in your home, especially light-colored ones, it's crucial to take action and hire mice control services. Light-colored marks show that the infestation is recent, while the size of the marks may indicate the size of mice you are dealing with. Bigger gnaw marks show you have a big mouse problem.

4. Unpleasant Odor

Mice may leave behind urine and droppings that produce a stench, which is hard to ignore. Cats and dogs often follow the odor when tracking down the mice. You can pay attention to your pet's behavior in addition to inspecting the origin of the foul odor in your home. You are highly likely to find an active infestation in areas where the odor emanates.

As soon as you confirm an active mouse infestation in your home, consider calling the experts for help. Timely mice control goes a long way to prevent health hazards and structural damage in your home.


19 October 2021

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