Pests That Commonly Cause Problems For Homeowners


Discovering that your home has a pest problem can be a serious issue to face as these creatures can pose health hazards while also potentially causing significant property damage. Understanding the more common types of pest problems that you could experience and the appropriate steps for mitigating them can be essential knowledge for keeping your property safe and sanitary.

Bed Bugs

Bed bugs have emerged as a problem that is a significant issue for many communities. Once a home develops a bed bug problem, it will have the ability to rapidly spread throughout much of the property, which can make this a very difficult problem to address. Unfortunately, it can be possible for these pests to get into your home from your luggage or clothing that you may buy. If you start noticing that you have small bite marks on your in the morning, having a pest control expert evaluate your property for bed bugs can be an effective step for determining whether the house needs to be fully treated.


Rodents are some of the more common pests for homes to develop. Unfortunately, they can also be some of the most damaging. In addition to chewing through food bags and other containers, these rodents can also damage your home's internal wiring, contribute to rot and mold with their droppings, and potentially carry disease. A rodent problem is an issue that can rapidly worsen due to the large number of babies that rodents tend to have in each litter. Additionally, the use of poisons or other toxic chemicals can pose the risk of the rodents dying in areas where you are unable to reach, and this can lead to the building quickly developing foul smells. 


For homeowners with pets, fleas can be a constant problem that will have to be managed. Unfortunately, the fleas on your animals can move to the carpet or upholstery of your home. Once there, they can lay a large number of eggs that will quickly lead to an explosion in the flea population in your house. While these fleas will largely target your pets, they can start to target humans. This is especially common when the population of fleas substantially increases or you apply flea treatment to your animals. Vacuuming can be an effective way of removing the fleas from carpet and upholstery, but you will still need to neutralize them to stop them from leaving the vacuum once you turn it off. Placing small pieces of a flea collar in the vacuum bag can neutralize them before they can escape.

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8 September 2021

Protecting Your Family With Pest Control

How often do you double check your front door or make sure that your garage door is closed? Although installing a home security system and giving your children instructions about stranger danger might seem like second nature, some people forget that there are real safety threats sitting around their windowsills. My child was bitten by a poisonous spider a few years ago, and ever since then, I have worked to increase awareness about the importance of pest control. A little pesticide can keep dangerous bugs from seeking refuge in your home and threatening your family. My website discusses different ways to keep your kids safe.