3 Things You Can Do To Eliminate Cockroach Food Sources In Your Home


Few creepy-crawlies have the same "ick" factor as the cockroach. These insects are known for being very resilient and tough to get rid of once they have entered your home. While it is difficult to determine all of the elements that might attract a cockroach to your home, you can bet that a ready supply of food is one of them.

Eliminating cockroach food sources inside your home will help you more successfully prevent an infestation in the future.

1. Eliminate Food Waste

Whether you realize it or not, trace amounts of food and beverages are left behind in your kitchen each day. Crumbs can accumulate on the kitchen counter or floor. Juice droplets can remain inside an empty jug. You need to be proactive in eliminating these types of food waste if you want to deter cockroach activity.

Wipe off countertops after each meal and sweep the floors daily. Rinse out any jugs or containers that have contained foods and beverages before throwing them away. You should also make it a point to empty all garbage cans into your outdoor receptacle.

These simple tasks will help eliminate any food waste that may feed cockroaches inside your home.

2. Deep-Clean Often

Routine cleaning can be helpful in keeping crumbs to a minimum, but a cursory clean cannot fully eliminate all sources of food for cockroaches in your home. You need to deep-clean your home regularly and often to eliminate all traces of food.

Pull out the refrigerator and stove so that you can sweep up any crumbs that have fallen behind these appliances. Remove everything from your kitchen countertop so that you can wipe away any food or drink spills that may be hiding underneath appliances and utensil jars.

All of your drawers should be taken out and vacuumed to get rid of any stray crumbs that might have fallen into the drawers from the countertop. Deep-cleaning frequently will help you make your home inhospitable to cockroaches over time.

3. Store Food Properly

Your pantry can be a ready source of food products for both your family and any cockroaches inside your home. Take the time to bug-proof your pantry by investing in airtight plastic containers for all boxed or bagged items. Cockroaches cannot infiltrate these containers, so they can't access the foods within them.

Swap out solid shelving for wire shelving, as cockroaches have a harder time climbing wire shelves. The right food storage system can prevent cockroaches from accessing an easy meal in your pantry.

If you need help handling a cockroach infestation, contact a cockroach control company like Quality Pest Control for more information.


27 June 2019

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