About Bedbugs In Your Home


Most people have this common misconception that only people who don't clean their houses can end up with bed bugs. However, the truth is that it is extremely easy for any household to end up with bedbugs. All it takes is for you to bring some home with you in your luggage after a trip or to purchase something at a yard sale and bringing it into your house with bedbugs on it that you aren't aware of. This is why you always want to check places you are going to be staying at thoroughly and always inspect used items before they are allowed into the house. If you find out you have bedbugs in your house, then try the advice here to get a hold on things and get rid of them.

Clear the living space out

Determine which rooms have bedbugs. It is possible you may only need to be concerned with one room if you catch the problem soon enough. Once you figure out the affected rooms then you want to take everything out of the room and to an outside area piece by piece. You can have bedbugs hiding in the corners of wood furniture, so don't think once you check the beds that your job is done. Separate things into items with no bedbugs and items with bedbugs.

Remove the drawers from all dressers and nightstands. Check every part to see if there are bedbugs. Remove all clothing and check piece by piece for bedbugs in the clothing as well. Take apart the bed frame or other pieces of furniture you can dismantle and check every area of those as well. When you find bedbugs on your furniture, then you can use a pesticide to kill them.

Launder infested fabrics

You are going to want to gather infested fabrics and wash them on the hottest setting, then dry them on the hottest setting. Make sure you put the freshly laundered items in a room that you have already deemed to be bedbug free. This way, you won't be taking the chance of re-infesting those fabrics.

Check all surfaces in the house

Check all of the surfaces in the rooms you are concerned about. Check along baseboards, along creases in wallpaper, in the crevices of drapes and along where the wall meets the ceiling. If you find bedbugs or eggs, use a firm brush to knock them free. Spray the surfaces with the pesticide, then vacuum the room completely. Empty the vacuum canister in the outside trash and vacuum the room a couple more times. When you think you are done vacuuming, you want to check the canister. If you still see bedbugs or eggs, then do another pass until you aren't pulling up anymore.

Contact a bed bug control service if you need more help.


20 January 2019

Protecting Your Family With Pest Control

How often do you double check your front door or make sure that your garage door is closed? Although installing a home security system and giving your children instructions about stranger danger might seem like second nature, some people forget that there are real safety threats sitting around their windowsills. My child was bitten by a poisonous spider a few years ago, and ever since then, I have worked to increase awareness about the importance of pest control. A little pesticide can keep dangerous bugs from seeking refuge in your home and threatening your family. My website discusses different ways to keep your kids safe.