Five Mistakes To Avoid When Netting Is Used To Keep Birds Away From Commercial Properties


Birds can wreak havoc on a commercial facility if business owners don't take care to keep them away. Flocks of birds can make a commercial facility dirty and dissuade prospective customers from visiting or parking their car nearby. Fortunately, installing bird netting can create a good solution to bird population control issues. However, commercial bird netting needs to be done right to work properly.

The following are five mistakes to avoid when using bird netting to keep birds away from commercial properties:

Putting nets up when it's windy

Installing bird netting can be tricky work. Even when conditions are ideal, it can be difficult to get netting set up just right. Nets can easily become tangled or develop knots. 

This is why it's always important to install netting when the weather is calm. Installing nets in windy weather creates an unnecessary challenge and can detract from the effectiveness of installed netting.

Using the wrong type of net for your property

Different types of netting work better depending on what height they are set at and where they are placed.

It's important to realize that you don't want to be using nets designed for gardening on buildings. They may not function well because they are not designed to be set up at high heights and near walls and flat surfaces. 

Neglecting to cut off easy access to food and water

The number one thing you need to do to keep birds away from your facility is make sure they don't have easy access to food and water when they hang around.

This means you need to get rid of food sources and water sources. Make sure you don't have clients or staff members throwing food out for birds. Also, make sure that trash at your facility is dealt with in such a way that discarded food is not accessible to birds. 

Leaving the same netting structures up too long

Over time, bird netting is likely to wear out and need to be replaced. If bird netting is functioning properly, it's going to become torn over time. Regularly inspect bird netting and replace it when necessary to make sure that your netting continues to function properly. 

Installing bird netting in a way that interferes with the customer experience

It's best to keep bird netting as invisible as possible for customers coming to your facility to do business.

Makes sure that netting is not in the way of either customers or employees who are going about their daily work tasks so that you can ensure continued profits and productivity at your commercial facility. To learn more, talk with a business such as Landmark Bird Control


27 March 2018

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