Why Multi Family Residential Property Owners Should Use Commercial Pest Control


If you own a multi-family residential property, then you know the importance of routine pest control. In many cases, property owners tend to use a traditional or residential pest control service for their needs. Though this type of service will help maintain pest issues, there are several reasons that a commercial pest control may offer more benefits. Here are some of these benefits and why you, as a multi-family residential property owner, should consider commercial pest control options.

Bed Bug Services

You may offer a furnished option for your property. This means offering beds and bedroom furniture. In some cases, beds can get bed bugs. These bugs can live within the mattress, box spring, and sometimes within the room itself. This can be difficult to remove, even for a traditional residential pest control service. A commercial pest control service generally has this service as a focal point for other commercial properties with similar issues, such as hotels. This means they can bring that same service and experience to your residential property business.

Rodent Control

As clean as you may keep your properties, you may still have rodents in the area. This can be due to several issues. For example, you may have property in a city area. If a building nearby you is cleared out, or even demolished, then you may see an influx of issues with rodent control. A residential company may be able to handle this, but not to the level or degree of a commercial pest control service. Commercial services have the ability to handle things like rodent control on a mass scale. This will help reduce the rodent issue quickly and keep your property safe from the damage that rodents can cause, including resulting health issues.

Bird Control

You may believe that birds are beautiful, and you may have gardens set up for the purpose of bird watching in your property community. The issue comes in when you have birds that may nest within your roofline or in parts of your property. This can cause various issues including noise pollution. You may even have cases of birds becoming trapped within the walls and dying. This can lead to odor issues as well. Some birds can even damage wiring with nests and with chewing. Commercial pest control can help with this and help remove the birds safely. They can also offer methods to help prevent birds from setting up within the property.

These are only three of the reasons why you, as a multi-family residential property owner, should consider commercial pest control options. If you think that a commercial pest extermination option may work well for your property, contact your local service today. They can help with pricing and offering


8 March 2018

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