4 Steps To Preparing For Bed Bug Treatment


If you have bed bugs in your home, you likely have already called in the professionals to get rid of them. If not, then you should do so right away since bed bugs are difficult to get rid of. You definitely don't want to share your home with them longer than you have to because they multiply quickly and are quite annoying because they leave bites. Here are four steps to help you prepare for the bed bug treatment:

  1. Get Rid of Clutter: It's important that the professionals can immediately locate where the bed bugs are living. Typically this is under mattresses, however, bed bugs can also make dresser drawers their home or the couch or even the carpet. When the professionals can easily locate the source, they are able to drive them out faster because they know what areas to target. This is extremely difficult to do if the house is cluttered and difficult to get around. 
  2. Caulk the Walls: Any cracks in the walls should be sealed to ensure that the bed bugs have less places to hide and aren't likely to move around the home as quickly. This is the best way to keep them secluded, making it easier to kill them all off. 
  3. Wash Your Clothes: Before you leave your home, be sure that you wash all clothing that you are going to take with you in warm water. Once they are dry, place them in plastic bags to ensure that the bed bugs cannot get onto the clothing and travel with you where ever you are going while waiting for the treatment to be done in your home. On the other hand, the best thing to do is to just purchase a few new clothes once you leave your home to wait for the treatment process that way there is a much smaller chance that the bed bugs travel with you, then you can just wash your clothing when you return home. 
  4. Vacuum: Vacuuming your home is important because this can easily remove many of the bed bugs in your home since they tend to travel around your home in the carpet where they can easily be concealed. This is going to make the job of getting rid of them much easier for the professionals. 

When you follow these four steps, you can be sure that the bed bug treatment in your home is going to be much more successful. 


30 March 2017

Protecting Your Family With Pest Control

How often do you double check your front door or make sure that your garage door is closed? Although installing a home security system and giving your children instructions about stranger danger might seem like second nature, some people forget that there are real safety threats sitting around their windowsills. My child was bitten by a poisonous spider a few years ago, and ever since then, I have worked to increase awareness about the importance of pest control. A little pesticide can keep dangerous bugs from seeking refuge in your home and threatening your family. My website discusses different ways to keep your kids safe.